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GMRF is committed to understanding the impact that military service has on veterans and their families from both a physical and a mental health perspective.

Since GMRF launched the PTSD Initiative in 2013 the team has published over 25 manuscripts and has presented at numerous prestigious national and international conferences. Our lead researchers have been invited to participate in crucial Veteran Mental Health Advisory Panels and Senate Enquiries; recognised as leaders in their respective field of research endeavour.

As an approved research institute (ARI) our multidisciplinary academic research team continues to focus on research that will have a real and lasting impact; enhancing the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families.

Our Impact

Through research we can create real and lasting solutions to the health, wellbeing and relationship challenges facing our veterans and their families. By better understanding the unique experiences and challenges associated with military service, we can help produce tools and enhance interventions to better the lives of veterans and families to lead to brighter, healthier futures.

Our Focus

Our research centres on an understanding that there is a psychological and physical impact of military service. We focus on four key areas to create evidence-based real-world solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of life for veterans and their families.

  • Transition and Reintegration – From Service to Civilian Life
  • The Military Family Research Initiative
  • The Healthy Veteran Research Initiative
  • Research Translation and Education

Our Solutions

Transition & Reintegration
  • Veteran Reintegration Study— A qualitative and quantitative study into the transition experience of ex-service members. The project will produce a tool to assess how a veteran is adjusting post-service and determine an individualised ‘needs profile’ to enable targeted education and interventions.
  • Civilian Readiness Study — Surveying and analysing the experiences of current service personnel as they transition out of service. The data will be used to develop a tool to assist in the earlier detection of those who might experience difficulties in adjusting to civilian culture. It will also assist in the development of targeted education and interventions to support veterans in the transition process.
The Healthy Veteran Research Initiative
  • Veteran Sleep Therapy Study GMRF is investigating the use of innovative coping techniques to address sleep issues for veterans who suffer from poor sleep, nightmares and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Quality Use of Medication Study — an investigation into the incidence of psychotropic polypharmacy (the use of multiple medications to treat mental health concerns) in veterans with PTSD. The research aims to improve medication management programs and be used to develop clearer prescribing guidelines and education programs.
The Military Family Research Initiative:
  • Families with a Veteran Study — working with Ex-Service Organisations and veterans’ service providers to gain a better understanding of the needs of families with a veteran. The aim of this study is to provide recommendations for an evidence-based model of care in order to provide coordinated and holistic care for families with a veteran.

Current Projects


Past Veteran Health Research Projects

PTSD Initiative

In 2013, GMRF in partnership with RSL Queensland commenced an ambitious research project to help veterans and their families. The PTSD Initiative: Vietnam Veteran Study was a world-first study, investigating the physical and psychological toll of PTSD in Vietnam veterans.

This research now published in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia, found that veterans with a diagnosis of PTSD displayed long-term poor health outcomes including heart disease, gastric complaints and sleep disorders. Working in partnership with RSL Queensland, we implemented a national education campaign for healthcare professionals. FIND OUT MORE

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an Australian-developed training program designed to address the widespread lack of knowledge surrounding mental health.  MHFA training teaches participants about general mental health, chronic psychological conditions, behavioural warning signs of distress, and provides information on referring persons to focused mental health services.

The study, funded by the Medibank Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, investigated the utility of MHFA training for families (including spouse/partners and parents) who are supporting an Australian veteran with a mental health condition. FIND OUT MORE

Compassionate Mind Training

Compassionate-Mind Training (CMT) was developed for individuals who have experienced past exposure to trauma and have psychological conditions linked to self-criticism and shame. It incorporates components of other evidence based therapies, but places compassion at the core of its approach by helping individuals develop self-compassion, compassion for others, and openness to compassion from others.The study, funded by the Medibank Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, investigated the utility and benefits of CMT for military veterans and their partners to determine if it is effective at improving relational well-being, self-compassion and reducing psychological symptoms. FIND OUT MORE

Our Partners


Since 2012, the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation has partnered with RSL Queensland to enhance the health and wellbeing of our veterans and their families.

RSL Queensland has provided over $7 million to research aimed at reducing the prevalence and severity of mental health issues, and assist with the transition to civilian life for ADF personnel.

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