We support research, and we need your help

Make a tax deductible donation before 30 June to support research and help give back what disease has taken. Thanks to in-kind support we receive from Greenslopes Private Hospital, 100% of the gift you make today will go directly to research.

Your donation will help us fight serious illness and improve the health and wellbeing of people in our community.

The longer we wait, the more disease takes. The more people suffer with lung disease, the more veterans struggle through a mental health crisis, and the more seemingly healthy people are diagnosed with liver disease or cancer.

Why will you support our research? To help a family member or loved one through a new treatment? To give your kids and grandkids a better chance at a healthier future?

Whatever the reason for your support, we’re forever grateful.

Our team share why they support research



“Everyone deserves to breathe easily”
Kim Smith, Respiratory Research Unit




“I don’t want to see another 23 year old die from Melanoma”
Sogol Mousavi, Clinical Trials Unit




“I want everyone to have a healthy future”
 Dr Lez Burke, Liver Research Unit




“Predicting and preventing mental health
issues in veterans can potentially save lives”
Dr Kerri-Ann Woodbury, Veteran Mental Health