• Research Officer

    Gina Fisher

Gina is a Research Officer for the Veteran Mental Health Initiative at Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation. She balances her time between research and clinical practice as a psychologist.

Gina is attracted to research that furthers knowledge about psychological disorders such as PTSD and the utility of new programs and interventions, as well as the development of tools that can identify barriers to wellbeing to enhance connection with supports.

Joining GMRF in 2018, Gina has contributed to the development of psychometric tools to assess reintegration difficulties in ex-service personnel; an investigation into the efficacy of sleep treatments for veterans with PTSD, insomnia, and nightmares; exploring the utility of Compassion Focused Therapy in veterans with PTSD; and examining neuroanatomical differences in veterans with and without chronic PTSD to inform treatment approaches in this population.