Developing solutions to liver cancer

Primary liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), has increased by 400% in Australia over the past 25 years. Late detection, limited treatment options and recurrence of the cancer due to therapy resistance are causing the global burden of liver cancer to rapidly increase. 

We’re focused on creating solutions to this health crisis through a ‘predict and prevent’ approach to research. 

Right now, GMRF’s team of liver researchers are progressing a number of key projects aimed at progressing from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside and out into the community:

  • Biomarkers for Liver Disease and Liver Cancer – developing an effective non-invasive saliva and blood-based method to detect the presence of liver disease and liver cancers at an early stage. 
  • Inhibiting Tumour Self-Seeding and Cancer Recurrence – investigating a potential drug treatment that would prevent detached liver cancer cells from returning to the tumour. 
  • Improving Treatment Efficacy – developing a biopsy model to predict a patient’s response to treatment earlier, enabling doctors to identify the most effective treatment with reduced side effects for a patient by identifying the smallest dose possible. 

This research relies on the generous support of our community. You can help progress this important work.