• Clinical Trial Coordinator

    Preethi Guru

Preethi Guru joined the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation in July 2019 as Clinical Data Manager. Preethi has a Masters of Science (Microbiology) and has worked for over 14 years in research, both academic research and clinical research (Phase 1 clinical trials). She has worked in various domains from Clinical Research Assistant, to Clinical Data Associate and Project Manager around Australia.

Preethi gained her first insight into clinical oncology from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institution in Melbourne. Preethi has vast scientific knowledge from research areas including malaria, oncology and diabetes. She has developed extensive skills in data management and project management working on over 20 trials in Phase 1 studies.

Preethi’s experience working in both areas of research (animal and human research) has given her a greater insight into the clinical world that encompasses scientific knowledge.