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Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) in partnership with RSL Queensland, first launched the Go Beyond program in 2021 to support ex-serving ADF members as they transition and adjust to civilian life. To better understand the user experience, a comprehensive consultation has since been conducted with veterans across the country to ensure the program meets their needs.  As a result a new improved Go Beyond was launched in May 2023.


To find out more about Go Beyond and to start using the program, visit gobeyond.org.au


“When you do the M-CARM questionnaire, you get a target assessment. Where exactly do you need to take action. Go Beyond was the perfect targeted program, the stuff I didn’t know and the stuff I needed to know. And that to me, I couldn’t get anywhere else. It’s very unique.” – Tim Thomas, Army veteran.


Go Beyond, is a free tailored online, self-directed training program based on individual needs, and is designed to help guide veterans through their transition to civilian life.

Go Beyond focuses on five key areas to improve adjustment and reintegration to civilian life including:

  • Purpose and connection
  • Help seeking
  • Beliefs about civilians
  • Regimentation
  • Resentment and regret

Users will learn about the latest research, and be given practical activities and resources in their own personalised program based on their M-CARM profile. Each Go Beyond module explains the target areas in more detail and prompts the user to think about how it might be affecting them and their transition to civilian life.

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Research undertaken by GMRF and funded by RSL Queensland led to the development of the post-transition Military-Civilian Adjustment and Reintegration Measure. Or, the M-CARM.

The M-CARM is a self-reporting questionnaire that allows veterans to identify how they are adjusting and where they may need additional support.

To begin using Go Beyond, users will need to complete the M-CARM questionnaire before starting. It takes about five minutes to complete online and results are confidential and tailored to the users needs.

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