I’d like to share my story with you to show you why the Cancer Wellness Program is so important and what it has done, and is still doing, for me.

I am a single mum to a beautiful son, Jacob. We like to do a lot of fun, active things together. In 2017, the two of us were skating when I slipped and hit my back on the ice. I wasn’t worried, but I still went to the doctors just to check if I had done any damage.

That’s when the scans revealed it. Cancer in the breast that had already spread, or ‘metastasised’, to my spine.

Can you imagine? I went in to check on a mild back strain and left on what became day one of my fight against advanced breast cancer. It was just complete devastation.

It was hard to know where to turn or what would work for me. I tried not to look at the big picture. You’ve got to focus on what comes first, then go to the next thing. Otherwise it would all be too much to handle.

Cancer throws up so many practical matters. I had to leave my job. Not only did I miss the work, it added financial pressure. Then there was insurance and superannuation to navigate through – all while feeling knocked around from radiation treatment.

I was transparent with Jacob and made sure he knew what was going on. He has been my main driving force from the moment I was diagnosed. I wanted him to see me as an example that you can get sick and get through it.

I know I am strong person, but I also knew this was a journey I couldn’t do on my own.

I got involved in the Cancer Wellness Program as soon as I began treatment at Greenlopes Private Hospital (GPH).

When I was off work, I attended nearly all the program’s information sessions. It was all so practical and helpful for addressing the real issues that come up during treatment. It’s given me the knowledge and resources I need, from a source I trust, to take charge of my cancer journey.

The difference it has made to me is hard to put into words. It is empowering me to get back to where I was before all this started – back to enjoying life with my darling son. There are good days and bad days, but thanks to the program I am positive about what the future holds. And, I’m back at work!

As I continue my cancer journey, things are going to change, and I’ll need the program in different ways.

I am so grateful to you for the role you play in this program and GMRF’s work. I am proof that your support is changing lives now.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Merry Christmas!




It costs $90,000 to run this vital program each year. It’s wholly funded by GMRF and generous people like you! You can help ensure patients like Bianca can continue to access this life-changing support.