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With over 20 walkers by their side Brian and Liz are trekking for change

When it comes to supporting charities, some might call Brian and Liz Davies professionals. In 2019, Brian established the NFIA (National Fire Industry Australia) Patron’s Walk for Charity – a mammoth trek raising money for critical research at GMRF and Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) located at University of Queensland. Last time the walk raised over $255 000 for the charities. This November, Brian and Liz have rallied again with 20 other trekkers to tackle a five day hike in Tasmania at Freycinet Bay all in support of GMRF and QBI.

This year Brian and Liz have their sights set high – a fundraising goal of $500 000.

We sat down with Brian to gain some insight into how he’s feeling coming up to the walk.

Why are you walking?

The NFIA and its member network have a wonderful history of being generous to charities. We are in the business of saving people’s lives and buildings so there is a bit of a correlation between what we do and medical research.

My dad always taught me, “It’s important that you put something back, whatever you’re involved in. If you’re in a footy club or a church or cricket club, you’ve got to
contribute,” says Brian.

Why GMRF and QBI?

My wife and I were involved in a charity walk in about 2017- 2018 with QBI to raise money to provide funds for a scholarship into dementia. My wife suggested
to me on that walk that in your role as the NFIA patron, “Why you don’t do a NFIA Patron’s Walk for Charity?” It’s a group of NFIA members from every state in Australia.

The idea is that we walk to raise funds for medical research. It’s our job to support
the charities through raising these funds and allowing them to funnel those funds into the various medical research programs.

How would you feel if you could get to $500 000?

It would be great! Overall I’m aiming to get over a million across three separate walks. The funds raised for research will make a difference for medical research and for our soldiers.

It’s also important for our members, premium partners and Angel Sponsors to show the impact they’re having for future generations.

GMRF would like to thank the wonderful group of organisations in the NFIA who have become Angel Sponsors of the Patron’s Walk. Visit NFIA Patron’s to learn
more about the walk visit

Our Angel Sponsors are a group of generous organisations in the National Fire Industry Association committed to advancing medical research. We are grateful
for their support.

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