As a leader in mental health research projects, GMRF is committed to ‘walking the talk’. We understand the importance of having people who can recognise mental health issues and help those who are struggling to access professional help.

GMRF has been awarded Gold Status, the highest level available, in the Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace Program by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

Mental Health First Aid teaches potentially life-saving skills on how to provide support to people who are experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental illness.

Accredited in Mental Health First Aid: Clinical Trials Coordinator Pavi Ilanko, CEO Miriam Dwyer and Communications and Engagement Specialist Andrew Cramb

The Mental Health First Aid Workplace Program celebrates organisations who not only invest in developing mental health first aid skills in their people, but also show a strong commitment to embedding the program into the organisation’s culture.

“I am delighted by the way in which the team has embraced this initiative. We now have 22 staff accredited in Mental Health First Aid, from our executive and fundraising team, to our frontline clinical trial coordinators, and we have more training planned for later in 2020” GMRF CEO Miriam Dwyer says.

“We’re certainly in good company. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Western Australia Police, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Woolworths also being recognised with Gold Status.”

The Program was spearheaded by GMRF Research Officer and Clinical Psychologist Dr Justine Evans. Dr Evans has conducted training for staff and was responsible for the submission to submission to Mental Health First Aid Australia for the program.

As part of GMRF’s Veteran Mental Health Initiative, Dr Evans led a research project into Mental Health First Aid for Families of Australian Veterans. The project equipped family members who are supporting a veteran with a mental health condition with information and techniques to better understand common mental health issues. It also provided knowledge about the resources available and ways to access professional help.

GMRF Clinical Trials Coordinator Pavi Ilanko Recently completed the training and said it was ‘200% relevant’ to her job, interacting with patients undergoing cancer treatment.

“There can be a huge emotional toll on patients undergoing treatment. This training has helped me become more aware of mental health issues and how to respond to patients who are struggling.”