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RUN or walk for research and remembrance at the Red Run 2017 on Sunday 5th November.


GMRF Innovation Grants Program helps enhance patient outcomes at Greenslopes Private Hospital...


OUR research findings reveal the 'gut reaction' of post traumatic stress disorder

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for Cancer Wellness

While our researchers work towards the cures and treatments of the future, we want to help alleviate the burden of serious illness right now.
The newly established GPH Cancer Wellness Program provides a holistic approach cancer treatment to support patients and their families on this difficult journey.

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Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation

Achieving life changing advances in medical care

Based at Greenslopes Private Hospital, donors and supporters of the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) fund and facilitate medical research to prevent, cure or lessen the impact of diseases affecting the veteran and broader Australian community. Thanks to the support we receive from the hospital and the income generated by our award winning clinical trial unit, 100% of every dollar donated, is spent on research.

Our logo features ANZAC legend, Simpson and his Donkey and we are inspired by the commitment and dedication that enabled Simpson to go out, time and again, to rescue his wounded comrades. This selflessness has encouraged our clinical researchers and investigators to achieve some incredible results in the last ten years! See below.

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Be part of the next big breakthrough in medical research

Serious illness will most likely affect all of us at some point in our lives. The good news is we can all be part of the solution! Our work is made possible by the generous support from ordinary people, community groups, and companies working together to help fight some of the most devastating diseases and illnesses of our time.

Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

By supporting our work you are making a significant contribution to innovative medical research that will restore lives. GMRF’s administrative and fundraising costs are covered by the generous support of Greenslopes Private Hospital and the income generated by our Clinical Trials Unit. What that means is 100% of your donation will be used for life-saving medical research – guaranteed.

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Veteran Mental Health Initiative

Honouring our diggers legacy by ensuring our current and future veterans don’t face the battle of PTSD alone

The definition of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doesn’t do the reality justice. Those veterans and their families affected are fighting a battle of a different kind, every day. And, without support, it is incredibly hard to fight an enemy that exists within yourself – your memories, involuntary triggers, your thoughts and your own endless nightmares. PTSD is essentially being held hostage by your own experiences.

GMRF, in partnership with RSL Queensland, is conducting ground-breaking research into this devastating illness that destroys the lives of our diggers and their families. The results of the first study have proven that as well as the mental toll, PTSD takes a physical toll on the body with those affected experiencing higher than normal incidences of heart attack, liver disease, gastrointestinal problems and sleep disorders.

Soldiers who fought for our country 40 years ago continue to pay a toll for their service, with no relief. Soldiers returning home from current conflicts will be at the mercy of their own traumatic experiences for the rest of their lives if we do not find ways to intervene and help them.

Our current studies are examining ways to identify and help serving personnel and their families at risk of PTSD through physical and psychological treatments and programs aimed to help them transition into civilian life in a healthy way. We work closely with many ex-service organisations across Australia, the ADF, other research facilities and universities to make sure our research programs will provide the most positive impact for veterans, current service men and women and their families.

Donations to this research show that we care about our service men and women by helping them and their families avoid the long term ramifications of untreated PTSD.

The PTSD and Veteran Mental Health Initiatives are proudly supported by RSL Queensland.

Liver Unit

Tackling Liver Disease and Liver Cancer Head On!

Chances are you’ve talked to someone this week that is battling serious illness and doesn’t even realise it. This rapidly increasing disease is striking thousands of people out of the blue, yet is attracting virtually no attention. The epidemic is fatty liver disease and it is already affecting one in three adult Australians.

With around five hundred functions, the liver is a serious workhorse. It removes toxins from the body and produces bile which aids in digestion of fat. But it is not equipped to handle the level of salt and sugar we consume in our modern, processed diet. The build-up of these toxins is a major contributor to the record high cases of fatty liver disease.

In isolation, fatty liver disease presents no symptoms, no warning signs. The condition could be worsening for years and you would be none the wiser. If it’s not caught, it can impact your quality of life, and greatly increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and liver cancer.

The Liver Disease Unit is conducting research to better understand fatty liver disease and develop effective treatment options. With the support of our donors this will lead to better treatment options for everyone at risk.

Our Liver Cancer Unit is developing exciting multipronged approaches to attacking cancer. These include super charging the body’s own immune system to kill the cancer, creating viruses that specifically target and kill liver cancer and not healthy cells, developing treatments that kill the cancer cells responsible for the initiation and maintenance of tumours (the cancer stem cells), and researching a new class of targeted therapies that can prevent the spread of the cancer through the body (metastasizing).

Donations to this unit help support our mission; to turn cancer from a death sentence into a treatable chronic illness within our lifetime.

GMRI – Gallipoli Medical Research Institute

The place where magic happens... with your help!

Completely funded by GMRF via donations from our supporters, corporate partners and patients at Greenslopes Private Hospital, GMRI is the place where the magic happens. We are very proud of people, our world class laboratories and our location within Greenslopes Private Hospital which allows us to practise true ‘bench to bedside’ translational research.

As well as housing and funding our dedicated PTSD and Liver Units, GMRI provides grant funding and laboratory space to support research into diabetic retinopathy (diabetic blindness), pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial infections and bronchiectasis (respiratory disease) and offers a number of full and partial PhD scholarships.

Each year we are proud to offer research grants to allied health professionals based at Greenslopes Private Hospital through our Innovation Grants Program supported by our corporate partners, Hanrick Curran and Thynne + Macartney.

The Cyril Gilbert Testimonial Fund was established in 2013 to embrace the enduring spirit of one of Australia’s great war heroes in our fight against cancer. The funds are invested in collaborative projects that focus on innovative treatments and enhanced care for cancer patients.

Cancer survivors can experience a number of unmet needs and issues in the months and years after completing treatment and the nurses at the Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre have developed a program that identifies needs and interventions to address these issues as an essential element of survivorship care. GMRF are incredibly proud that, thanks to three special donors, we have been able to fund this novel cancer wellness program. The ‘Count me in’ campaign calls on the Greenslopes Hospital Community to donate to the GPH Cancer Wellness Program so more cancer patients can benefit from the program.

Donors to this campaign will know that their contribution will have a direct and positive benefit on someone with cancer, straight away.

GMRF Clinical Trials Unit

Designing and providing first-class clinical trials for new treatments

The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) consists of a team of specialist research nurses and scientists who provide our research partners with first-class conduct, management and coordination of multi-centre national and international clinical research trials.

Benefits of our Clinical Trials

These phase I-IV clinical trials benefit the community through enhanced medical knowledge about the place and value of new treatments. Medical specialists can gain experience with new therapies and trial participants can take part in study protocols of new and potentially improved therapies. The result is enhanced quality of care and treatment not available as standard care.

Information for the medical community: Conducting a trial with the CTU

The CTU team manages all documentation of clinical trials including paper and computer-based case record forms. We also assist with study design, regulatory affairs, database maintenance, and participant recruitment. The CTU takes responsibility for liaising between the Gallipoli Medical Research Institute, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and local ethics committees. We provide our research partners with first-class conduct, management and coordination of multi-centre national and international clinical research trials.

Information for potential trial participants

All CTU trials are run under strict conditions. Our Clinical Trial Coordinators ensure all participants are treated with the utmost care, while our Data Manager oversees the meticulous data entry for each of participant visit. In addition, trial monitors from each company involved in our trials visit us regularly and double check every single number that we enter in order to ensure the trial is run correctly.

Trial participants will never be ‘out of pocket’ health wise for participating in a trial; every patient gets the standard of care treatment – alone or combined with a new treatment. We work with our patients to make sure that any new treatments truly live up to their claims. In this way, we can together improve future health outcomes for all Australians and the wider global community.