If cancer has affected your life, you know it’s not a journey that should be faced alone. This Christmas you can ensure patients and their families get the support they need.

The Cancer Wellness Program at Greenslopes Private Hospital (GPH) complements the outstanding medical treatment and care offered at the hospital by providing comprehensive support to patients and their loved ones.

Each year, $90,000 is needed to fund this vital program. It’s wholly funded by GMRF and our generous donors!  Please donate today to keep the Cancer Wellness Program going.

This program is urgently needed because cancer can strike out of the blue and there is no way to be ready for it. Just ask single mum, Bianca…

Bianca’s cancer journey began after she slipped while ice-skating. Scans revealed a tumour that had spread from her breast to her spine.

She’s a strong woman, but she knew she needed help through one of the toughest journeys of her life. She got involved in the Cancer Wellness Program the moment she began treatment.

“It was all so practical and helpful for addressing the real issues that come up during treatment. It’s given me the knowledge and resources I need, from a source I trust, to take charge of my cancer journey,” 

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Please donate to the GMRF Christmas Appeal and support cancer care. Every gift, no matter the size, helps reshape the cancer journey from one of stress and uncertainty to one of empowerment and hope.