This Remembrance Day, honour those who have served in a truly special way – with Remembrance through Research.

Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) is a global leader in undertaking ground breaking research – creating solutions to major health concerns impacting our veterans, their families and the wider Australian community.

In order for us to continue to uncover and progress new treatment options we need YOU.

Current projects include a variety of mental health initiatives that offer participants and their families training and support to best manage the mental health challenges facing veterans and their loved ones.

GMRF is one of Australia’s most respected research facilities, winning multiple quality awards and known for providing the very best of care and support to our research participants.

If you are a former member of the Australian Defence Force or are the partner, parent or child of a veteran and would like to be kept in mind for current or future studies, you can help progress vital research.

Please click here to complete this very short questionnaire.

If you are not a veteran or a family member of a veteran, you can still play a vital part in our research. If you know someone who might be interested in participating, please forward this email to them now and encourage them to complete the questionnaire.

We need your help to continue our life-changing medical research. Make this Remembrance Day your opportunity to make a real difference for yourself, your family and all Veterans by helping us to deliver Remembrance through Research.