• Liver Research - Research Officer

    Xiaowen (Tina) Liang

Dr Liang was awarded her PhD from The University of Queensland (UQ) in 2015 and received the Dean’s Award for outstanding Research Higher Degree Theses (fewer than 10% of UQ graduates each year). She is a UQ Development Fellow and the focus of her work is on the use of advanced technologies to improve liver cancer outcomes and in managing drug induced liver injury.

In research, she has developed a strong academic record in a short time-frame, which is highly productive and clearly on an upward trajectory. She has a total of 4 book chapters and 34 peer-reviewed publications with 7 as first author and 10 as corresponding author. 50% of her publications (articles and reviews) are published in the top 10% of Quartile 1 journals and 100% of  her ten career-best publications are within the top 10 journal percentile (SciVal 2019).

She has attracted over $770,000 in competitive funding as CIA including NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant (2017-2019), UQ Development Fellowship (2018-2021), UQ Early Career Researcher Grant, Global Connection Fund Priming Grant, and TACT Pilot Grants. Her work has been presented at 14 national and international conferences and also been recognised by awards for 7 prizes and travel grants.

In teaching and service, she has completed supervision for one Master student and two Honours students. Currently, she supervises one PhD student and one Honours student as principal supervisor and co-supervises 3 PhD students. She has actively engaged in several community programs and activities. She is representative of early career women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, and Medicine in the Australia Gender Equity Program. She has been an ambassador in Australia of the European Association for Cancer Research since 2015. She has reviewed research articles for several journals and joined the Editorial Board of Inflammopharmacology.