• Clinical Trial Assistant

    Ritu Shrestha

Ritu Shrestha joined Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation as a cancer research volunteer in our liver cancer unit June 2016. She then commenced her PhD as a part of GMRF’s scholarship program in July 2017. Ritu completed her Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Master of Business Administration from Nepal. She has over five years of experience as a Pharmacist in Nepal before moving to Australia.

Ritu’s PhD project focuses on identifying novel druggable targets to overcome drug resistance and enhance therapeutic efficacy in primary liver cancer. Her PhD project provides valuable insights on mechanistic link between immune checkpoint molecules, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells in primary liver cancer. Ritu utilized this association to examine the efficacy of novel combination treatment with EMT and immune checkpoint inhibitors to target primary liver cancer derived cancer stem cells. Ritu has already published five first author publications from her PhD project with one manuscript in revision.

She has submitted her PhD thesis in March 2021 and is now a part of CTU team working as a Clinical Trials Assistant. She will be contributing in clinical and administrative capacity to the CTU team on numerous ongoing clinical studies.