• Principal Investigator (Transition and Reintegration)

    Dr Madeline Romaniuk

Dr Madeline Romaniuk is the Principal Investigator (Transition and Reintegration) at the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation, and holds Adjunct Senior Lecturer positions at the University of Queensland and University of Southern Queensland. She is currently Principal Investigator of six research projects dedicated to improving the wellbeing of veterans and military personnel, and has authored approximately 40 conference presentations and peer-reviewed articles in the area of veteran health. In addition to research, Dr Romaniuk is a senior Clinical Psychologist with 10 years clinical experience in a variety of settings including public and private hospitals, community government services, NGOs, and private practice. For the last 8 years, her practice has focused on the assessment and treatment of current and former ADF personnel suffering PTSD, transition difficulties and associated comorbidities. She currently runs a private practice dedicated to evidence-based management of trauma among at risk populations, and is a provider for Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling Service and the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

Due to her extensive work in both clinical practice and research, Dr Romaniuk is also a regularly invited keynote speaker at military and veteran forums. She was invited as an expert witness to provide testimony to the Parliament Senate Inquiry into Transition from the ADF. Dr Romaniuk was also recently part of the DVA Veteran Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit, Parliament House, a national summit of experts convened by the Minister of Veteran Affairs and Defence Personnel. As part of this, she was invited to speak and contribute to shaping a revised Mental Health Strategy for the Department for the next 10 years including initiating the development of a National Action Plan. She also continues to present her research regularly to the Prime-Ministerial Industry Advisory Committee on Veterans’ Employment.

In 2021, Dr Romaniuk was appointed as an Honorary Associate Professor at The University of Queensland.