Date: November 29, 2019
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Greenslopes Private Hospital
Contact Number: 07 3394 7284

The Australian Experimental Liver Cancer Research Network Liver Cancer Forum is a coming together of leading clinicians and researchers in the field of liver cancer. This two-day event will allow attendees to discuss collaboration opportunities and inspire one another to continue research in this important area.

The purpose of the network and the Liver Cancer Forum is to:

  • Advance and disseminate knowledge in the field of experimental liver cancer.
  • Facilitate collaborations across Australia to enhance the quality, competitiveness, and outcomes of research in this field.
  • Provide a forum for researchers to present and discuss research.


The 2018 Forum was a resounding success. The event included 25 sessions covering a wide range of topics in the field of liver cancer research, including;

  • Epidemiology of HCC
  • Cancer associated fibroblasts as a therapeutic target in primary liver cancers
  • EMT reprogramming of cancer cells: the chick embryo hatches to the challenge
  • Targeted gene therapy for HCC
  • Liver regeneration and cancer: significance of stem cells
  • Cancer Stem Cells in HCC
  • Targeting liver cancer stem cells
  • Novel biomarkers of HCC
  • Organoids: models of development and human disease

“From this meeting we’ve formed a committed group of experts in the field of liver cancer. Together we aim to get this devastating illness on the national agenda.” Professor Darrell Crawford


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