On the 20th of May each year we celebrate International Clinical Trials Day. At GMR our Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) is award-winning and provides research partners with first-class conduct, management and coordination of multi-centre national and international clinical research trials. The positive outcomes of some trials have changed the lives of many participants, and this would not be possible without support from Greenslopes Private Hospital. 


GMR’s Clinical Trials Unit has led over 200 clinical trials with a portfolio spanning oncology, liver, and respiratory diseases. With over 40 ongoing trials and a continuous flow of new trials, GMR’s CTU is committed to advancing medical science. 


What sets the CTU apart is its people – the staff dedicated to changing lives through research. From researchers who meticulously analyse data to the Greenslopes Hospital nurses and CTU team administering treatments with care, every individual plays a crucial role in the journey towards medical breakthroughs. 


One of CTU’s most notable achievements is its distinction as the world’s first and highest recruiter for several clinical trial studies, made possible by the committed Principal Investigators. This shows our dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical research and ensuring the swift progression of potential treatments from lab to bedside. 


In clinical trials, victories are measured not only in statistical data but in the lives changed for the better and even saved. Earlier this year the CTU saw a patient with stage 4c melanoma cancer have a complete response to an innovative immunotherapy treatment – this proves the power of research and the hope it brings to those in need. 


We dedicate today to our wonderful and committed team and our trial participants, our hero’s behind every breakthrough, to raise awareness about the critical importance of clinical trials, and to appreciate our patients whose courage never goes unnoticed. 

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