On Clinical Trials Day, we spotlight Preethi Guru, one of our wonderful clinical trial coordinators:  


Preethi’s journey in medical research commenced with a focus on immunotherapy and T-cells in mouse models. Over a decade of dedicated work in the field, she honed her expertise in oncology and infectious diseases, specialising in multiple myeloma and malaria genetics. 


Driven by a desire to broaden her horizons and contribute to the forefront of medical research, Preethi transitioned into the clinical research sector twelve years ago. As a clinical trial coordinator, she finds profound satisfaction in playing a pivotal role in advancing medical research and facilitating the development of groundbreaking treatments for patients. 


At the heart of Preethi’s role lies meaningful engagement with patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers. As a coordinator, she serves as a crucial point of contact for trial participants, meticulously adhering to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and prioritising the well-being of every individual involved. Witnessing the transformative impact of treatments on patients fills her with a deep sense of fulfillment, driving her commitment to the cause. 


Throughout her career, Preethi has embraced challenges with determination. A respiratory trial for treatment of non tuberculous mycobacterium infection presented different obstacles, particularly during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the initial hurdles, Preethi’s dedication led to success, making her team the highest recruiter for a number of  trials. Her ability to navigate adversity and deliver results shows her leadership in the field. 


For those looking to enter the field of clinical research, Preethi offers invaluable advice: patience and persistence. While the field may present challenges and demands, showing perseverance and resilience is essential for overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Preethi’s passion and commitment serve as an inspiration for all who follow in her footsteps. 

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