21 Feb, 2019

For patients undergoing cancer treatment the constant barrage of practical considerations, thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming. The GPH Cancer Wellness Program, funded by the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation, has launched journaling workshops at Greenslopes Private Hospital to help patients and their families process the highs and lows of this difficult journey.

Facilitated by Brisbane writer and educator, Caylie Jeffrey, the Journaling Workshop provided participants with resources and practical advice on how to write down thoughts and feelings to attain a deeper sense of personal understanding, emotional regulation and mindful reflection during and post treatment.

“It is really important for mental health and emotional wellbeing to free our worries, niggling concerns, obsessive and intrusive thoughts, and feelings of fear and self-doubt,” Caylie says.

“Using a journal will really help you to get to know yourself and your feelings, guiding you towards a sense of personal freedom.”

Feedback from the workshop has been extremely positive as participants’ explored ways to gain a sense of empowerment through journaling.

‘I loved it.  Caylie Jeffery is a delightful, open-hearted person with a gift for facilitating the positive process of journaling’, one participant. Another said ‘Absolutely beneficial and relevant.  Purely emotional stuff.’

Now in its third year, the GPH Cancer Wellness Program runs monthly seminars on a range of topics including nutrition, mindfulness and talking to your kids about Cancer. Funding of this program is part of GMRF’s commitment to alleviating the burden of serious illnesses like cancer – both right now and well into the future.

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