Thank you to everyone who has recently expressed interest in Haemachromatosis Clinical Trial being conducted at the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation and the Greenslopes Private Hospital that was published in the Courier Mail (9August 2018).

For any clinical trial, there are a number of inclusion/exclusion criteria which will determine if you are suitable for study participation.

All of the currently recruiting clinical trials at the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation, Greenslopes Private Hospital(GPH) are listed on the below website:

Each trial listed here is cross-linked to a website ( which will also list the basic inclusion/exclusion criteria for each trial. Your doctor/GP may be able to review these criteria with you to determine your potential eligibility for this clinical trial.

If you or a relative or friend have haemochromatosis and are interested in finding out more about this study or have any other questions in relation to the work of GMRF please complete the below form.

Thank you again for your interest. It is only because of the wonderful patients who participate in clinical trials, that we can get the scientific information to allow new drugs to be registered for this disease and then made available to the public.

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