Jun 16, 2017

Ritu Shrestha has been part of our Liver Cancer Unit as a volunteer since June 2016. We’re very excited for Rita to now begin the next chapter of her work with us, as she undertakes her PhD!

Ritu Shrestha has been a cancer research volunteer in our liver cancer unit since June 2016. Yes, a research volunteer but from next month she will be our newest PhD student developing new ways to fight one of the most common forms of primary liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC which is also the second most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide.
Ritu (far left) with her fellow Liver Cancer Unit researchers

As our newest PhD student Ritu will focus on using immunotherapy strategies to fight HCC. This will involve identifying certain proteins that stops the immune system from recognizing liver cancer cells. We will also examine new ways to boost the immune system to knock out these pesky cancer cells.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jason Steel and Dr. Aparna Jayachandran, Ritu has been learning about various molecular biology techniques, cell culture techniques, and functional assays and has contributed to several publications as a second and third author.

Ritu only moved to Australia from Nepal in May 2016 where she worked in pharmaceutical research looking at developing new drug formulation for over 5 years. But after landing in Australia and talking to our PHD student, Bijay Dhungel, she wanted to help find better treatments for liver cancer patients.

The PhD scholarship will cover Ritu’s tuition for the next three years and allow for a small living allowance.

We know our scientists here at GMRF and at institutes around the world are dedicated to their craft but we are so pleased to have Ritu as part of the GMRF family for the next three years.

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