"This is our new normal" - The impact of PTSD on partners and families

Oct 10, 2017
On this World Mental Health Day we wish to acknowledge the important role played by families and partners in the care and support of someone experiencing mental health difficulties.

New GMRF PhD Student aims to improve liver transplant outcomes

Sep 25, 2017
Newest edition to the GMRF research team Raji Baidya explains her research and the impact it could have for future liver transplant patients.

Research finds factors associated with suicide among veterans with PTSD

Sep 07, 2017
Study identifies key predictors of suicide attempts in Australian veterans of numerous theatres of war and peacekeeping.

QUT and GMRF research project finds biological factors contributing to PTSD

Aug 21, 2017
A study, made possible by RSL Queensland has identified bio-markers which contribute to a predisposition to PTSD and can be passed down to future generations.

Diggers' Dozen carry on a proud legacy

Jul 04, 2017
Lorraine has been one of our Diggers’ Dozen fundraising volunteers at Greenslopes Private Hospital for nine years. She recently shared with us what inspired her to fundraise for our medical research.

Shining a light on PTSD: Richard's Story

Jun 26, 2017
PTSD Awareness Day aims to help remove the stigma surrounding posttraumatic stress disorder, and getting conversations started about this serious illness. We caught up with Vietnam veteran and PTSD Initiative participant Richard to hear how PTSD has affected his life.

Our Community - We all need a purpose in life

Jun 19, 2017
Greenslopes Private Hospital Volunteer Monica Rider shares what inspires her to support GMRF and spread the word on the importance of medical research.

The next chapter begins for our liver cancer research volunteer

Jun 16, 2017
Ritu Shrestha has been part of our Liver Cancer Unit as a volunteer since June 2016. We're very excited for Rita to now begin the next chapter of her work with us, as she undertakes her PhD!

Sleeping to better health

Mar 30, 2017
A good nights rest comes naturally for most people, but for sufferers of post traumtatic stress disorder there is a number of serious sleep conditions putting their overall health at risk...

The gut reaction to PTSD

Mar 20, 2017
From our Vietnam Veteran Study, post traumatic stress disorder has been shown to have a significant impact on your physical health, in particular your gastrointestinal system...