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PTSD Initiative: A Study of the Physical Health and Genetics of PTSD

In partnership with RSL Queensland, the PTSD Initiative conducted a study involving 300 Vietnam Veterans to examine the impact of post traumatic stress disorder on both physical and psychological health. The overall results from the study: the long-term health consequences of PTSD were submitted in June 2016 and are currently under review by MJA.

The primary study has been completed however there are a number sub studies currently being developed. These additional studies include actigraphy, polysomnography, and fatty liver/haemochromatosis studies.

The results of the sleep study have been recorded across two manuscripts: prevalence of (1) sleep disorders (2) parasomnias in Vietnam veterans with/without PTSD. Robyn O’Sullivan and sleep fellows at SleepCare, Greenslopes Private Hospital, worked with the PTSD Initiative team to complete the manuscripts.

Ethics approval was obtained from GREC, Department of Veteran Affairs, and University of Queensland for sub studies as required. Recruitment for the sub studies has commenced.

The results of the Vietnam Veteran Study will be used to create an Education Program in partnership with RSL Queensland which will better equip doctors to identify and address both the mental and physical health needs of veterans.

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